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Review of The Three Pillars of SEO in 2014

The two pillars of SEO have remained the same since the internet became a household term.  Quality content and inbound links are the two pillars that have ruled internet SEO for quite some time now.  This year many SEO professionals are expecting to see a third pillar added into the books, this pillar revolves around social media.  While the addition is relatively new, social media has been taken into consideration for many years now, since the days of myspace and Xanga. The author says that the social media is becoming an integral part in any SEO strategy, and those companies who chose not to employ it are going to have a much harder time in the industry than those who accept it.  Our generation is mainly responsible to the rise of social media and its importance to marketing and SEO companies today.  The trend says that it isn’t going anywhere and if that holds true, there is going to be a huge flooding of social media experts coming out of college for many many years to come. 


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Red Bull’s Domination

I was browsing youtube the other day watching extreme sports athletes doing some insane things.  I noticed that they all were wearing the Red Bull logo somewhere on their person.  Since Red Bull has always just been a beverage company, I decided to dig a little deeper into why they have such a presence in the world of extreme sports.  I came across an article explaining the marketing strategy Red Bull uses.  One quote stood out the second I read it, it reads,”Red Bull is a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage”.  I found this very interesting because I always thought the drink came before the publishing.  They have constantly evolved into a content marketing company, as evidence of the Red Bull Media House, who produced films like The art of Flight, which is one of my favorite snowboarding films to date.  It is very interesting to me that most of what Red Bull is today, has nothing to do with the actual energy drink itself.  They have been so successful in their publishing, and creating content that they don’t have to even rely on the sales of its drinks.  They are a perfect example of how a company must adapt in the market, and marketing is how Red Bull has been one of the most successful companies in the marketing world today.  I suggest reading this article, as it’s very informative, and entertaining.

IBM Centennial Film

I first came across this video last semester when I was working on a group project for my capstone course. I was just browsing for IBM commercials when I found this one. At first i saw it was 13 minutes long and thought there was no way I could watch a 13 minute video about IBM but I was pleasantly surprised. When I started it I couldn’t take my eyes off of what I was watching. Not only did they explain year by year which technology was emerging from IBM’s R&D department. They told their story while marketing their brand in a creative, new, unique way. Clearly this was meant to tell IBM’s story but it was a great marketing video. It sort of made me think about the company on a personal level, not just as a manufacturing company. I think it’s worth watching just as an interesting video, not even as a “commercial” type of video.


Advertising/SEO Ebay Rant

Recently a friend of mine had some major engine issues with his automobile, he asked me to help him rebuild his motor for him.  So I asked him what his budget was and began searching the web for the cheapest prices for the parts needed.  i found that as i began my search, it was evident that i would have difficulty avoiding suppliers on Ebay.  I found that Ebay was occupying almost the entire first page of a google search, so i did some research, what i found was interesting.  Each item on Ebay has its own page and it gives them an overwhelming amount of power over the search results one sees.  I found another example that portrays this perfectly.  A travel photographer by the name of Gavin Gough has a huge amount of presence in a google search.  He does this by using multiple domain names to link to his photography page.  If you search for his name he possesses the first TEN results in google. I found this very interesting because it just shows that if someone knows how to perfect the SEO process, then they can reach many people without very much traffic.  


The link to the article I read is here. 

How To Dominate The Entire First Page of Google Search Results


Nonetheless, I (as expected) was ordering parts through an Ebay retailer, against my original intentions, this just shows how powerful SEO can be for a website like Ebay.



Weber Marine Services

Recently I switched jobs to apprentice under a marine mechanic who I’ve known for quite some time. In the first few years of his company’s beginning he had a hard time acquiring new customers due to the lack of a … Continue reading

Interesting perspectives from a top blogger

Matt Cutts blog comes up very early in an organic SEO blog search on google so I began reading.  On February 14th he posted about detaching himself from social media.   For his month of detachment he stopped answering external emails, which he claims are his nemesis.  I decided I too was going to attempt to slow down my social media appetite.  I began using Facebook and instagram less and less, I noticed a few things.  It would bother me if those around me were spending time on their phones instead of actually enjoying each others company.  By no means am I saying I stopped cold turkey, I just monitored my usage of apps like that (still used linkedIn of course)  But Matt brings up a good point, he says he slowed down and enjoyed the little things in life, he no longer rushed through emails.  I fully support his little “challenge” because it happens all the time, we are constantly obsessed with our devices, they are almost part of us and its a bit disgusting.  Anyways, I think I will begin participating in these challenges and attempt to go out there and “smell the roses” much more often, and I suggest you do the same!

Heres the link to his blog for some more information.