Interesting perspectives from a top blogger

Matt Cutts blog comes up very early in an organic SEO blog search on google so I began reading.  On February 14th he posted about detaching himself from social media.   For his month of detachment he stopped answering external emails, which he claims are his nemesis.  I decided I too was going to attempt to slow down my social media appetite.  I began using Facebook and instagram less and less, I noticed a few things.  It would bother me if those around me were spending time on their phones instead of actually enjoying each others company.  By no means am I saying I stopped cold turkey, I just monitored my usage of apps like that (still used linkedIn of course)  But Matt brings up a good point, he says he slowed down and enjoyed the little things in life, he no longer rushed through emails.  I fully support his little “challenge” because it happens all the time, we are constantly obsessed with our devices, they are almost part of us and its a bit disgusting.  Anyways, I think I will begin participating in these challenges and attempt to go out there and “smell the roses” much more often, and I suggest you do the same!

Heres the link to his blog for some more information.


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