Weber Marine Services

Weber Marine Services

Recently I switched jobs to apprentice under a marine mechanic who I’ve known for quite some time. In the first few years of his company’s beginning he had a hard time acquiring new customers due to the lack of a website. I had asked him (prior to my working for him) why he had never set up a website with company info. His answer was very interesting, he said he had never thought about it before. Since then the company has set up a Yelp account and since then his business has tripled! Granted one of his other employees has put the effort into the page, but the reviews immediately began coming in after the timely completion of his jobs. This was a prime example of SEO! If a person is looking for a marine services company in Newport Beach, all they have to do it type that into the search bar and there we are! Even since I spoke to him the number of calls stemming from our Yelp account. When my Marketing class began this semester I was not an employee of my current company, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how effective SEO really is.


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