Advertising/SEO Ebay Rant

Recently a friend of mine had some major engine issues with his automobile, he asked me to help him rebuild his motor for him.  So I asked him what his budget was and began searching the web for the cheapest prices for the parts needed.  i found that as i began my search, it was evident that i would have difficulty avoiding suppliers on Ebay.  I found that Ebay was occupying almost the entire first page of a google search, so i did some research, what i found was interesting.  Each item on Ebay has its own page and it gives them an overwhelming amount of power over the search results one sees.  I found another example that portrays this perfectly.  A travel photographer by the name of Gavin Gough has a huge amount of presence in a google search.  He does this by using multiple domain names to link to his photography page.  If you search for his name he possesses the first TEN results in google. I found this very interesting because it just shows that if someone knows how to perfect the SEO process, then they can reach many people without very much traffic.  


The link to the article I read is here. 

How To Dominate The Entire First Page of Google Search Results


Nonetheless, I (as expected) was ordering parts through an Ebay retailer, against my original intentions, this just shows how powerful SEO can be for a website like Ebay.




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