Red Bull’s Domination

I was browsing youtube the other day watching extreme sports athletes doing some insane things.  I noticed that they all were wearing the Red Bull logo somewhere on their person.  Since Red Bull has always just been a beverage company, I decided to dig a little deeper into why they have such a presence in the world of extreme sports.  I came across an article explaining the marketing strategy Red Bull uses.  One quote stood out the second I read it, it reads,”Red Bull is a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage”.  I found this very interesting because I always thought the drink came before the publishing.  They have constantly evolved into a content marketing company, as evidence of the Red Bull Media House, who produced films like The art of Flight, which is one of my favorite snowboarding films to date.  It is very interesting to me that most of what Red Bull is today, has nothing to do with the actual energy drink itself.  They have been so successful in their publishing, and creating content that they don’t have to even rely on the sales of its drinks.  They are a perfect example of how a company must adapt in the market, and marketing is how Red Bull has been one of the most successful companies in the marketing world today.  I suggest reading this article, as it’s very informative, and entertaining.


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