SEO Pre-social media

Review of The Three Pillars of SEO in 2014

The two pillars of SEO have remained the same since the internet became a household term.  Quality content and inbound links are the two pillars that have ruled internet SEO for quite some time now.  This year many SEO professionals are expecting to see a third pillar added into the books, this pillar revolves around social media.  While the addition is relatively new, social media has been taken into consideration for many years now, since the days of myspace and Xanga. The author says that the social media is becoming an integral part in any SEO strategy, and those companies who chose not to employ it are going to have a much harder time in the industry than those who accept it.  Our generation is mainly responsible to the rise of social media and its importance to marketing and SEO companies today.  The trend says that it isn’t going anywhere and if that holds true, there is going to be a huge flooding of social media experts coming out of college for many many years to come. 


Link to the article


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